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Banquet / catering

Information on banquets and catering

  • Introduction of banquet halls and caterers
    Cooking and dining venues according to usage scenes such as memorial services, ceremonies, alumni associations, social gatherings, etc.
    From small banquets with family and friends to large banquets with a large number of people, we can handle it according to your budget and request.

Banquet Hall

  • All seats and chairs are available at the tatami mat venue.
    You can use it with confidence from elderly people to small children.

    The dining venue for guests will be the "restaurant" or "banquet hall".
    In addition, those who order kaiseki meals on a day trip can use the banquet hall.

    If you want to use it, please make a reservation in advance.
Number of seatsBanquet hall Sakura       24 people(10 people as a measure against Corona)
Banquet hall Uguisu      24 people(10 people as a measure against Corona)
Large banquet hall Sakura / Uguisu 40 people(20 people as a measure against Corona)
Ae-no-ma small banquet hall      20 people(10 people as a measure against Corona)
Open HoursLunch 11: 00-15: 00
Supper from 18:00 to 21:00
Rental equipment2 karaoke/Microphone


  • Please take this opportunity to invite your friends.
    *The photograph is an image.

Catering details

Menu exampleThree kinds of small bowls/sashimi/pottery/Fried food/Boiled food/Vinegar/salad/cooked rice/Pickles
Fee3,240 yen (tax included) -5,400 yen(Tax included)
We will prepare according to your budget.
Order conditionsReservation required 3 days in advance*Delivery is possible with orders of 5 or more